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Well, you just gave me my morning cry.
Oh, how I love to cry at birth stories. That was/is/will always be BEAUTIFUL Laura! What a beautiful experience you shared with your husband. I too remember needing mine - Jeff would press against me so I could feel how I was suppose to breathe. He kept me from going 'away' to a darker place within me when the pain became intolerable. He made so much of everything tolerable.

And yes, I love your explanation of the final DRIVE to push. How your body writhes and contracts to bring that child into the world. I felt all of Kenny - and yes, painful but exhilarating. The ultimate rush.

Thank you! Thank you for sharing your birth story. Thank you for reminding me of mine.

This has got to be the best forum here at MDC. The point where all our blessings emerge in physical form.
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