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Berlusconi Bounced?

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Wow...looks like a photo finish in the recent elections in Italy:

"Italy's parliament headed toward an unprecedented split on Tuesday between Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservative coalition and one led by his center-left rival - the result of a national vote that could stall the formation of a new government.

"Final results in the two-day vote ending Monday showed Romano Prodi's center-left coalition winning control in the lower house of parliament, with 49.8 percent of the vote compared to 49.7 won by Berlusconi's conservatives. The winning coalition is automatically awarded 55 percent of the seats.

"According to the results, Berlusconi's center-right coalition held a one-seat lead in the Senate, although six seats elected abroad were still to be counted."

More here:

Could be some more bad news for Dubya if he has to say ciao to his pal Silvio.
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