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best ATTAINABLE fitteds out there????

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We need diapers! Our newborn/small stash is getting too small and I almost have enough $ to buy mediums. Who has either instock or a two week or so turnaround? We have tried and liked Sellin Threads, LHC, Firefly's, but am thinking of trying something new. Tykies? Please give me some advice- there are so many choices I am overwhelmed! I'm looking to pay around 12$ each.

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What about Sugarpeas? I love them and they way they fit, and they are pretty readily available.
Loveybums has a 1-2 week turnaround, and I've only heard good things. Lots of fun fabrics to choose from and decently priced.
I suggest trying some cloud 9 softies. They are a great reasonably priced diaper. You won't be able to get them for much longer as she is closing up shop soon...
See less See more she has a very quick turn around and tons of fabrics to choose from. and you have lots of choices. you can have knit, sherpa, hemp inners and velour or micro lined. she's easy to work with also. Her med are abt 10.00 each I think. and if you spend 100.00 or more you get 15% off your total order.

um....duh, you said you've already tried LHC and are looking for something new. sorry
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I really like the tykies I have, and they have a lot of instock.

I also like the pipsqueak I have, but I havent checked to see if she has any instock.
SugarPlum Baby is open for orders right now on her quick-dry hemp diapers.
I'm pretty fond of Luke's drawers, I'd suggest getting a L bc it's more of a ML.

Growing greens OS might also be a good fitted

I'd like to say Sugarpeas Size 1 because I really like the fit and design but...well...hum...I guess better not say any more...

this probably goes w/o saying but be sure to check out reviews before ordering bunches of any single diaper...
And, now that I've ordered my fill (and told some friends to go buy their fill), I feel confident in posting that I really enjoy Darling Diapers. Her deluxe fitteds fit a HUGE range and are currently on sale for $11. For example, the Mediums fit from 12-24 lbs. I like the pocket fitteds for overnight.

Izzybee, I don't think you can post about your own diapers, the mods will probably delete or change your post. But, I can tell shalom that I heard that Bum Ware has diapers for about $8 each and have a big selection of instock. I've heard she's SUPER fast with custom orders, too. I can do that because I don't benefit from you selling diapers.
Off the top of my head I'm enjoying: (very quick turn around time - I like her fitteds with internal soakers because they are trim through the crotch) (she'll be stocking medium fireflies soon) (really nice side snappers - wish the soaker was contoured) (Bikini Cut Cuddlebuns fit much nicer when you're entering into the medium size) (this is a nice lower rise side snapper) (has a nice side applix medium diaper instock)

Umm, that's all I can think of that I love that's instock.
I love so many more that are unattainable!
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When I was in your position a month ago, I ordered a dozen Tykie diapers. There was a 2 week turnaround because I used her "cheaper by the dozen" option, but if she's got a lot instock, maybe she'll give you a discount if you order lots. I have been really, really pleased with them and didn't pay as much as I have for some of my dipes.
Anything from is always shipped very quickly. Inge has a very wide assortment of WAHM diapers. You could try a few different things or just pick one.

Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
Off the top of my head I'm enjoying: (she'll be stocking medium fireflies soon)
Do you know when? would you share? I just bought 2 darling dipes and 1 sugarplumbaby quick dry hemp fitted, and I've got a couple fluffymail fitteds on the way, but a couple fireflies would really round out the stash nicely! I keep checking fuzbaby and waiting. . .waiting. . .
I have to second sugar plum baby quick dry hemp fitteds... They rock and she sells them for a great price.
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I am waiting for SPB to make some organic cotton.

ETA: Gillian, have you tried the loveybums yourself? I keep trying to find out what people think of the trimness before ordering. Is the crotch pretty narrow?

Damnit, I hate that I care about trimness these days. Thank goodness my budget won't allow it, or I'd out-hyena all but the best, looking for the perfect diaper.
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I was never a big fan of fitteds, then I got my Loveybums. I
them! The fit on Connor is great. IMO they are pretty trim and work great under my wool covers. He has just enough diaper booty to make him cute, but not too much. The crotch fits my guy well, and he his thighs fall in the mid-chub range.


I'll put one on him in a bit and grab a pic, if that will help.
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Well, I love the loveybums we got. I waited just a few days to get ours!! Also, I love the poochies we got from Julie at She's so nice, and her diapers are so soft!! We are also waiting on some Calico Baby stuff. Very reasonably priced. Those are the fitteds I have really liked thus far. I am just so-so about SPB. My diaper seems to have needed crossover snaps on the wings, and it even though it is hemp, it just isn't thick enough for me. All in all, I'd say the SPB for me, is a good back-up diaper. Although, many people love them
. Its just a personal preference thing.
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