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best baby doll for preschoolers?

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My DD's 4th bday is coming up and her new baby sister is due about 10 days later. She's never shown any real interest in baby dolls - we have one - a generic fabric body, plastic arms, legs, head doll. I'm thinking however with a baby sister around she might get more into dolls and I'd like to get her a doll and some accessories (high chair, playpen, etc) for her birthday. What is your favorite baby doll? I've looked at the bitty baby by American Girl and some of the Corolle dolls, should I go with one of these or something else? I want something that has clothes available for her to change the doll into. Relatives will be buying so luckily money is not an issue.
What do you recommend?
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My five year old got a Gotz doll for her birthday. She's been a nice doll. She fits (mostly) preemie clothing - the sizing is a tad off but she doesn't care. The plastic bits are phl... free, however you spell it!
We have two of the Bitty Babies, they are very well made and are certainly going to with stand years of "loving".
We'd gotten dd a corelle doll (one that can go in the tub, at her request) for her last birthday. They're pretty nice - they do have a nice weight to them that is sorta like a real baby.
I just looked for a nice face. So many I looked at had a big gaping hole of a mouth for a bottle to fit it.

I would recommend getting one which will fit small baby clothes, they are much better quality than the dolls clothes I've found. Since we find used baby clothes pretty easily they are also much cheaper.
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