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Best baby shampoo and other supplies I'll need?

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I have 5 weeks to go, but thought I better start getting things together. This is baby #3, but I have a short memory. So, a list of things I'll need would be nice, and some suggestions on some gentle organic baby shampoo, etc. would be nice, since I'm now more aware of the dangers of everything that's in your typical baby care shampoos and other items.
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I don't have a list for you but you don't need shampoo. All my kids were born with hair but we didn't start using shampoo until about a year old. We used a very gentle baby soap for the body and hair that worked great. I really like California Baby and Burts Bees.

I ADORE california Baby;s products. they are gentle on babies and smell wonderful. I got a big bottle and now have a 1 year old. The bottle is still 1/2 full.
I'm a label reader too, and have a ds with sensitive skin. I've found with my boys that you don't really need a lot in the way of baby products til they get old enough to get actively sweaty and dirty. Warm water and a washcloth were enough in the first months... my SIL made me a cute hooded towel that was gigantic on my 5lb baby, lol, but we still use it now that he is three, that was the best baby bath gift I got. The "Baby Magic" wash never got opened and actually ended up either thrown away or Goodwilled, I don't remember which.

The primary baby toiletries I used and loved when I needed them, were/are Weleda products. Their bar soap is too harsh (I make ours anyway) but their diaper creme and other stuff is very good. Our natural foods store carries Weleda but they also have a site you can buy from.
Another vote for don't worry about shampoo. I only used soap of any sort on her a handful of times in her whole first year.

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I personally don't like Ca. baby products as they contain, Parabens-which are linked to cancer... And they are NON- Organic ingrd.

We use Weleda..I 've found it's the best diaper cream, the Baby calendula cream rocks! Just a dab last soooo long

For Organic shampoo : Earth's best/Jason's makes a paraben free kind w/organic ingrendients....Same just a dab last months, and months!!!!

For the best $ on allof the above check and or

Congrats & happy Birthing!!!!
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I agree that you don't need shampoo. I'm using some Terressentials baby wash and I love it! Just be a good label reader and you'll know what's safe for your baby.
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We didn't need shampoo for the first few years, but I had some of my favourite smelling shampoo around anyway so I could use it myself until we needed it for baby: Tom's of Maine Honeysuckle Baby Shampoo. It makes their little heads smell soooo nice. Otherwise I use/d Earth Friendly Baby products, Little Forest, and Cetaphil cleanser.

- Krista
We use Burt's Bees shampoo bar for the first couple of months...I like that with a bar you don't waste so much, and it lathers so much nicer. We also like their diaper cream.
you have GOT to try northern essence baby products. Their baby sudz soap and better bottom BUTTer is wonderful....takes care of diaper rash in a flash. She has some WONDERFUL natural stuff, and her prices are comparable to burt's bees!
As far as what you need:
some good washcloths are nice. Smaller ones are good when they start teething to freeze...they make better teethers than those plastic rings!
If you aren't using cloth wipes, then it's more economical to make your own out of paper towels. We cut the Bounty select a size double rolls in half, put em in a tupperware container, mix 2tbsp each of baby soap and lotion together, pour it over the paper towels, then pour 2 cups boiling water over everything. When it saturates for a while, we simply pull out the cardboard roll(comes right out) and start wiping!
No worries mama, everything will come right back to you!
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We use the Burt's Bees No Spill Shampoo, when needed. We use the Burts Bees baby soap, when DS needs a wash. He has sensitive skin that dries out easily, like his dad, but the Burts Bees stuff doesn't seem to affect him. Regardless, we only use it when he actually needs it.

We always buy bar soaps, because when we've tried liquids, our sneaky DD empties them into the tub to try and make "bubble bath."
Best baby shampoo?

Ready for this?

Warm water.

Seriously, that is ALL I use on my now three year old son's very full head of hair. He has full, thick, healthy head of blond hair. It's beautiful and I haven't shampoo'd it in over a year, maybe two - nothing but warm water. I stopped using shampoo when I realized his cradle cap wasn't improving - about three weeks after I stopped shampooing his hair, the cradle cap cleared right up and has never been an issue since!
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You don't really have to use anything, but this Web site lists out toxic ingredients and has a nice ratings system.
We don't use baby shampoo either. We wash DD's hair with the same cruelty-free glycerin bar soap we use to wash her skin.
I love Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment. My mom uses Burt's Bees Apricot Oil on ds when she gives him baths, and he is so yummy baby soft. That's her "thing." We also love California Baby products as well. They smell great!
If you're worried, check anything you're going to buy out on this site:


I did a lot of research on everything we use and this site really helped me out. I finally decided that it wasn't worth it - I make everything myself now, except for soap and then I either use Burt's Bees, which is fine from that list or I buy from a WAHM who can tell me exactly what she uses. I guess we use commercial sunscreen b/c I haven't found a good alternative and both DS and I fry if we don't use it - which I think is worse. But, I buy something that is on that list as being safe.

Good luck.

ETA: I see someone already referred you there. It's a good site, you'll want to check it out.
hmm i like shampoo. my son is two and i didn't wash his hair much. now i just do it once a week or after playing outside. if i don't it is soooo stinky. i don't know why?

we use jason's brand b/c it smells good and my son's name is jason. it is organic and i will have to check but i think it is no parabans, no laurel sulfate, biodegrable, etc. BUT I swear it will burn his eyes if he doesn't lean back even though it says it won't...

so i will be watching this thread. i might try burts bees with the next baby. available many places. i am gonna keep an eye out for some jason's hand soap...yum...smells so good.
Just another non-shampooer. DS is 6 mos and I just rub his head gently with a towel in the bath. I don't use soap on him either.. he doesn't seem to need it.
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