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best back carrier?

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Hi folks. DD is 7 months old and we do a lot of walking. I use a ring sling for shorter jaunts. I recently started using it in the hip position and now she doesn't want to go in it in the reclining position! No biggie, in any case. We use the buggy for longer outings -- we often leave the house at 9 a.m. and aren't back until 11:30, but that includes stops for play, breastfeeding etc. I'm posting this because the weather is starting to warm up here (Yay!) and I'm thinking that a back carrier might be better than the sling in the sweaty weather. Also, I'm thinking I could use it for longer outings (more so than the sling) because it would be more like carrying a backpack. It would be nice to leave the buggy home whenever possible. Does anyone else use back carriers and which one do you like? Why? Do you get super sweaty wearing it? How far do you walk with it and how much does your babe weigh? Tova is about 17 pounds now. Also, how do you carry supplies (diapers, etc.)? I often carry a small backpack when she's in the sling, but obviously couldn't do that if she was on my back. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.
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The only one that I've found to be comfortable is the ergo baby carrier. The frame type carriers (those with metal framing) hurt a lot. They dig into my hips and back, ouch. The ergo is SO comfortable!! I absolutely LOVE it!

Good Luck!
Another vote for an Ergo here! I got mine at My sweet girl is also 7 months, and is 14 lb, 6 oz. I like that you can use it front or back (front is nice for nursing if you wear a button down shirt...just undo a couple buttons and let her nurse and no one even knows). It has a pocket on it that can hold a couple of small items, like a couple of diapers, baggy of wipes, and a hat or whatever. You can also get an accessory bag that velcros onto the waistband or can be worn with a strap like a purse for more things like your wallet, phone, keys, etc. I have found the Ergo to be great for taking walks with my kids...I wear the baby and put my 3 year old in the stroller. Also, I have walked around for 3-4 hours at a time on outings to the children's museum, or the mall with her on my back, and feel no discomfort. As far as using it in sweaty weather, I do it all the time as I live in Houston, TX with lots of heat and humidity, and I find the Ergo a bit cooler than my ring sling (less fabric). Good luck!
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You may want to try a Mei Tai or a wrap.I have both and am very happy with them. For expert advice and product reviews check out the mamas over there really know their stuff.
Th Ergo is great, but so are mei tais and wraps. Wraps are the ultimate IMHO -- the most versatile, the most comfortable -- but there is a learning curve. Mei tais are great and super-comfortable, similar to an Ergo but without straps and buckles (it also folds up really small). Any of these will work great for a baby of your dd's size, or much bigger.

I second heartily the suggestion that you head over to It's a great place to learn!

p.s. I absolutely love the name Tova. It was in the top two for us when dd was born!
my ergo! We also have a frame one, but it is not as comfortable for either of us. BTW, my youngest is 8 months and about 15 pounds (I think
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I love my ergo. I have a frame pack that is so uncomfortable even for five minutes. My ds is almost one and weighs about 25 pounds and I can carry him for hours in the ergo where as the sling is starting to leave my back sore the next day after such a long time. I am going to sell my frame pack. I also like the ergo for doing housework, I can even wash the floor on my hands and knees with my ds in it. The fact that you can wear it on the front is great for bfing too. I can carry a few small things in it but I know a woman who wore her small pack on her front and her ds on her back in the ergo or vice versa so she didn't have to purchase the specific ergo one.

my son is 6 months old and 30 pounds.
the ergo is just so great for us with his weight, i wear him to clean and cook and just for fun =D
I have a Kozy too and I love it for comfort but we went on a walk today and both of us were SWEATY by the end. It leaves me wondering what do people do when it is summer?

Obviously a backpack is advantageous because it allows air to circulate around you and baby. Are there any backpacks that are comfy?
I've heard great things abt. the ergo too...also about MT (mei tai) but since our little DD is 11 months HATES facing I needed a back carry...I hesitated on the ergo,because I've heard some mamas says it's a bit of learning...I need something super comfy and easy to get her in and out esp. I'll be hiking etc...Long story short I just ordered an external pack - I did alot of research and found alot of ketly's were recalled so we went w/ ...NO I DID NOT PAY the price listed on these suckers @ 210!!! I found a great deal on another site...

Good luck! if you like these you can pm and I can give you the site we ordered from
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The Ergo has truly changed my day-to-day life with my almost 9-month-old son! I've been able to clean, cook, fold laundry, etc. - all with him on my back. I love using it for long walks, too. I don't feel his weight AT ALL. And he loves it - he can look around, fall asleep. He falls asleep so quickly when I'm walking with him. He just lays his little head on my back, and drifts off. It's really sweet!
thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your responses. Great info -- seems like the Ergo is very popular. I've checked out a few different types online and I'm thinking it may be the way to go. I'll let you know how we like it. Again, thanks.

And Indiospero, thanks for your comment on Tova's name. We like it, too. And your DD has a lovely name as well (Aviva).

another huge ergo fan, here. i can wear it for over 4 hrs without noticing really and dd is over 20 pounds.
I'm a wrap fan. And I use a fanny pack to carry things we need.

I tried MTs and like them, but DS hates hates hates them. I'll never really know why. Oh well. Plus, he's too big for most things now, and we still like wearing.

I also have a frame that I used before I got the wrap. It worked for me, but I got one that sized down for my short torso. The one we borrowed for a while killed my back - even when DS was like 15 lbs!

Avena, I'd love to hear more about your backpack. I've seen them but couldn't justify spending that for yet another carrier. But I see that it goes to 70 lbs?! Is it comfy for you both?
ergo and mei tai...but i mainly use my ergo..
my sis is really super happy with her moby and backcarrying...i've never tried it though.
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You can do a back carry with a ring or pouch sling. I used to all the time before I got a mei tai, and it's fairly comfortable, even with my 36 lb., 38" tall 3 yr. old. You just put them in it on your hip and then slide them under your arm, around to your back.
Now that I have a mei tai I prefer it because I have more freedom of movement than having one shoulder under the sling. I can walk all the way around the zoo (1 mile loop, usually takes us 2-3 hours, with no sitting breaks) with Luka (3 mos., over 16 lbs) in it on my back or front. I can also carry my older son in it for a good while- I can even run with either of them on my back (which they both find hilarious). I also use it in class, since I have a couple of 3 hour long classes each week and have to keep the baby quiet, which means standing in the back of the room bouncing up and down for the entire 3 hours. It is very easy to nurse in.
My pouches were both under $20 (one fleece, one light cotton) and my friend made the mei tai for me. I don't see the point in buying an expensive carrier. Maybe I'd understand if I tried one, but I am pretty happy with what I've got.
Our diaper bag is a messenger bag style, I just carry it on one shoulder.
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I bought an Ergo when #2 was 2 1/2 and 30ish lbs & found it to be very comfy. But before that, I used a frame backpack - the Evenflo Trail Blazer. I loved it! It was very comfortable with a wide, padded waist belt, chest strap and padded back. A lot of the features I was seeing on the Kelty's, but much cheaper. I've had mine for 6yrs, and just stated using it for child #3. I don't think they're still making that model, but this one looks even better -

Originally Posted by hottmama
You can do a back carry with a ring or pouch sling. I used to all the time before I got a mei tai, and it's fairly comfortable, even with my 36 lb., 38" tall 3 yr. old. are seriously strong. At about 20 lbs, I was definitely done with the one-shouldered slings. Another vote for the Ergo here. So easy to learn and use. You can't go wrong. My DH loves it too. It's a great all-around carrier...especially as your babe gets bigger. One-shouldered slings just don't cut it when you need stability.

Wraps are great too. Very versatile.
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