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After reading the BRUS thread ...I was just wondering what are the best basic baby toys ? I am thinking of Christmas and just what he "needs" in general..I want to be simple but something he will enjoy , he will be 9 months almost 10 at Christmas..
this is the list so far :
stacking cups
musical instruments:maraca ,rainmaker, piano/xylophone
child size table ( to help him pull up on and then to use as a play surface ) not sure what kind or from where ..thinking ikea ?
Any other ideas ?
We have alot of toys
now that i need to try and sell some .. what do you all have for your kids
walker (to push not sit in )

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Here are our baby favorites

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Bowls

Wooden grasping rattles, like the ones shown here

An organic cotton dollie or chewie toy, like these

A wooden spoon and smallish pot

A wooden xylophone (ours is Brio, but I couldn't find a picture

A remo or other kid's drum

A non breakable mirror (we got ours from Kindermusik)

A felt ball (you can make one with the directions here

As they're mobile, a push toy and a riding toy

Playsilks (we loved the handkerchief-sized ones for babies. They liked to hide them in a box and pull them out)

Blocks. We lucked out and had a set that belonged to my hubby when he was little.

Pounding toy, or even just the little wooden hammer
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