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Best Birthday present ever, I think

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I think I have an annoucement and a question as well. On friday, June 4, I took a HPT because AF was about 5 days late, and I got a positive result. However, the second line was considerably lighter than the control line. Has this ever happened to anyone else before? And if so, was it still a positive?
I got to my doctor's on Monday for a blood test, so... wish me luck!
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I also took a test yesterday and got a positive. On the first test the line was lighter then the control line, (this also happened when I was pregnant with my son.) The second test I took was much darker, but even without the second test I felt fairly confident that it was positive.

Did your line have color? I've read somewhere (probably on this board) that if the line has color then it's a positive. I'm sending you lots of Good luck, hopefully we'll be in the I'm pregnant forum together.
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Yes, it is still a positive. It should get darker has the pg goes on. Congratulations!!!

P.S. Congratulations to you too firefly!!
That's awesome... I went in today for a blood test to confirm, so, in a few hours I'll know for sure!!
Congrats, and I look forward to moving to the prenancy boards with you!
: (But I'm pretty sure it was a positive -- some women's bodies just seem to put out less hormone in their pee....)

And may you have a sticky nine months!
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