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Best Breast milk alternatives?

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Not sure if this is in the right spot - I don't know where it belongs.
A friend of mine had her baby about 4 weeks ago... due to previous breast surgery she is physiologically unable to breastfeed - so no flames please.

What other alternatives are there to formula?
She cannot afford to buy pumped milk from another mama.
So far I've heard of raw, unpastuerized cow's milk and goat's milk. Is there anything else out there?
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I have heard of someone giving their baby almond or another nut milk, but I have no idea if it contains all the right stuff, KWIM?
Maybe the "Breastfeeding" forum ? I know you're looking for alternatives, but I think the experts over there might have some answers. Not that we aren't experts here, but...ykwim.!
I'll try there too - thanks!
I have no clue if its OT there or not but it doesn't hurt to try.
The best thing is baby formula. DON'T suggest straight up cow milk, especially raw - hundreds of thousands of babies died in the last century in this country from drinking raw milk. No matter how clean the dairy is, there will always be germs in raw cow's milk, and babies are not immunologically equipped to handle those germs. Also, straight-up cow's milk (and goat's milk) are not well-digested by babies.

I would suggest organic formula, by Horizon or Nature's One. These are made from better ingredients than regular formulas, but the thing with all formulas (as opposed to just milk) is that they are formulated to have the right proportions of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, plus vitamins. Are they as good as breastmilk? Never in a million years. But they're not rat poison, either, just a less healthy choice than breastmilk.


I know you are asking this question with only the best of intentions, and it must be hard for your friend! But there is a time and a place for formula, and this is one of them.
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I agree with Quirky also, I have read that almond and rice milk are great for older kids but for infants they don't have enough fats and vitamins in them.
Raw cow or goats milk needs things added to it to be more nutritionally similar to human milk. Here is a page with info on making raw cow/goat milk formula:
I am personally of the opinion that if great care is taken to get a clean source of milk, I would do raw milk homemade formula if I could not find donor human milk. However, I know that other people feel differently and we should all do what we feel comfortable with.

I would stay away from any nut or grain milks. Even fortified I don't think they are enough to support a growing baby, and would much rather do organic formula instead of these.

Sheesh, we just need to live in villages with lots of nursing mamas to share the wealth!
I'm with Quirky too on this. There's a time and place for formula and Momma CANNOT is exactly what the stuff is for.

That it's an inferior CHOICE applies only when formula use is a CHOICE.
If I couldn't breastfeed or get milk from a mama friend, I would go with the organic formula. I wouldn't give my baby cow or goat's milk, because it's for a baby cow or goat. Formula may not be breastmilk, but it's better than straight milk from another species.
I believe Dr. Sears has an alternative to formula in his Baby Book and on his website. You may want to peek there.
If she cannot afford formula, or milk from another mama, please discourage her from making her own milk .
It can lead to so many many health risks. She can get free formula through WIC, or collect coupons, and go without SOMETHING in her weekly budget to feed her baby.
I too would go with organic formula if I had to, but WIC gives out Nestle.
I will never again give a child of mine regular formula, it is mostly made up of cheap sugar and cheap oil with a little bit of cheap synthetic vitamins tossed dd supplemented on that stuff for her first 3 months and the next day after getting her completely off the forumla she pooped out 3 bowel movements of sticky nasty mucous.

If I could not for some reason breast feed my next baby, I would hopefully be able to do a little research on it first...But, I may use some (even if I couldnt afford organic thats still better than formula IMO) organic/sprouted nut milks, possibly some organic raw milk and maybe some organic formula depending on the ingredients and definitely fresh juices. I know for sure that some fresh juice could never be harder for a babies system to handle than hydrogonated oil and corn syrup!

and thats my $.02...I hope the mama this thread was started about finds the best thing for her and her baby soon
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But there is a time and a place for formula, and this is one of them.
I agree 100%. Breastmilk is best, but in the situation that it CANNOT be given to the baby, formula would be the next best thing because it has the right amount of fat, nutrients, etc to sustain a baby. If it were me, I would go organic as well.

There was a baby that died last year because the mother didnt want to give her formula so she just gave her rice milk or coconut milk or some other crazy thing and the baby was totally malnourished and died.

Another option might be to see if local moms would donate or something. I know when my baby was younger I had tons of extra milk stored up in the freezer. Now he is alot older so my milk probably doesnt have enough fat to sustain a younger baby but I am sure there are people willing to help so the baby gets SOME breastmilk.
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I found this page about adding ingredients to formula to make it more similar to human breast milk nutritionally:

I respect Dr. Mercola a lot in regards to his nutrition stance. But that is just me.
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is there anyone that can pump for her baby for free? a wet-nurse
that would definitely be my firstchoice if i couldnt nurse
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