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Best Carrier for Csection pain?

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My sil wants to get a sling and I intend to get her a maya (probably). She is not a granola girl LOL more the princess type but has seen how well babywearing has worked for us. She has 2 snugglis already. I have a bunch of carriers; ABC,Babytrekker, Kelty, Maya, OTSBH, maybe a few more. LOL

Girls what sling position if any worked for you when you had a "fresh" incision?
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I would probably go with something that didn't have any waist straps. Maybe a pouch?

If your SIL isn't very crunchy a Maya wrap might be a little "out there", also it has a learning curve which may hamper her wearing the baby.

As for me, I had a Hotsling. It was easy to figure out, and was cool looking, so it kinda fit in. I also had a Maya ring sling but I didn't figure it out till now, 4 months later. The only problem I had with the Hotslings was that I had bought the wrong size (too small), and had to sell it. I bought it when I was 7 months preggy and didn't account for all the weight that I would gain during the last 2 months.
I had pouches, but if I had to do it again...I'd start with a ring sling (not necessarily Mayawrap--the shoulder does not work for everyone)--that way the baby can be worn very high and tight in the cradle hold and there's no risk of knocking into the incision. Although my original pouches were too big, so....

For some reason an OTSBH seems less crunchy to people, although a padded sling does NOT work for can be hot, bulky, etc. But I have a friend who won't wear anything else.
The reason I thought Maya was bc I saw her admire a friend's ellaroo fabric,thanks for the advice.
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