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"best" companie for working mothers? yeah, right

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As a long-time employee for one of the company's on the list, color me not very surprised. Yes, they probably do a lot more than most companies, but it's still not much. Where's my on-site day care?

True, the pumping mothers room is pretty nice, esp. compared to stories I've heard about other places. But we have a long long way to go.
Another person who works at a supposed top company for working moms, definately not suprised by this article.

They love to talk about their daycare benefits, if your site doesn't have an daycare there than you get discounts at local daycares. Sure, you get a 10% discount, but not until your child is 3.
: They also talk about how they give you $1200 toward your daycare Flex account, but that's per family. My husband works for the same company, so they won't give us both the benefit. Huh?

They also started making us take vacation days for our kids' illnesses, instead of using our own sick days. Considering that they don't limit our number of sick days, it's a use it, don't abuse it policy, it just seems a bit ridiculous. Of course we're just calling in sick ourselves when it's really a sick kid, but still. How family friendly is that?

I really shouldn't complain, my boss has young children and a working wife so he will bend the rules a bit for me, but I hate how they use the top company for working moms thing when it really doesn't seem like they do all that much for working moms.

<end rant>
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I do work part-time, mostly from home. However, I'm in the extreme minority at my company. I think getting a job like mine is very difficult.

I know women who have requested part-time hours and have been denied. I know people with babies who have to travel for work. Just because I've been lucky doesn't mean that my company is family-friendly.
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