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We too switched to CD full time later...within the past few months. As of last night (was still using sposies overnight but ventured out and YAY!!! it is better than sposies CDering.) we are FT CD.

Anyhow here is some info I received from the wonderful mamas here to get me going. I have listed my stash below!

Perfect Stash:
12-18 infant prefolds and 2-3 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. The
prefolds are excellent doublers for night time and outings, and we
still often use one alone in a SWW when we go out. A good basic
diaper system, and very trim.

-6-12 fitted diapers. We like fitted diapers without a cover for
around the house - it helps us know when we miss a pee and a change
is required. We also use one with a prefold for night time. These
days we don't need many because Fallon is diaper free at home during
the day, but this is my plan for the new baby too.

-Wool soakers/longies. Now that I've found this for night time I
can't imagine using anything else! We're using pants made from
recycled wool sweaters over fitted diapers at night and it's
awesome! I plan on using a lot of wool shorts this summer.

-6 pocket diapers (or AIOs). I love my pockets for an easy system
when we're out, especially now that Fallon goes to the potty but
still needs a back-up. Our snap pockets make perfect pull-ups, and
they'll also do extra duty as swim diapers! We stuff these with
infant prefolds as well.


17 Fuzzibunz AIO
I WAHM pocket (similar to Honeyboy)
1 Daisy doodle AIO
6 Bumkins AIO
1 Honeyboy AIO
2 smaller doublers/wipes hemp/fleece
6 terry/cotton doublers
6 Inserts for FB terry/fleece Joey-types
13 prefolds (cotton)
24 Hemp boosters/inserts assorted sizes and styles
2 Kushies covers
2 Bumkins covers
1 Bummis SWW

Tip: I use teatree oil in my diaper pail. Smell is lightened up!
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