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I cannot say enough about wool. It's a scary step.. but well worth it!! My dd seems to be sensitive to the heat.. and comes up with rashes when she's gotten to hot. So for that reason, we used wool 99% of the time with our fitteds. I'd highly recommend She's so wonder to work with! I'm sure you could get a lot of recommendations if you asked for suggestions on affordalbe, and soft wool on the boards

My perfect stash consists of a lil of everything.. wool, prefitteds, fitteds, aio's and pockets
My favorite brands (though some are hard to get a hold of.. I'd highly recommend them if you see them) are Kiwi Pie, Nickers, Mosaic Moon, Funny Farm creations, Grow Me a Rainbow, Fussybutts, Luxe, First Class Baby/Little Caboose, Very Baby and Swaddlebees!

Congrats on the switch, and welcome to the CD world
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