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best covers - no pin

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I have a 3 week old and am experimenting with dif dipe systems. I have discovered that I hate pins. What are some good covers that you can just fold the prefold into? I have 2 biobottoms but they are super expensive and not the greatest for holding in messes. I am thinking of getting some bummis - what do tou think?
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i came here for the same question.

i know there are plenty of mamas out there who know which covers are good and will last.somebody please help us out.
I haven't been CD very long. But I've tried many covers
Bummis are awesome for no pins. Have you tried a snappi? I concur though pins are evil.
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I love Bummis for no pins. They work great! Proraps were ok too but I found they left red marks on ds's chubby thighs. I also liked the Bumpy covers.
Bummis are great. I love Bumpys as well.
yep the above 3, lol I use prowraps when the umbilical stump is still on, then move on to nb bummi and bumpys. theprowraps are a little smaller
I really like loveybums, she does aplix wraps, but even with snaps her pul covers work great for me with a prefold stuck inside. They are just stretchy all over!
I used gerber e-z covers when I started and they were great. Proraps are my fave covers (that I have tried) I also have a couple bumkins covers and they work good too. Proraps are my fave because of the leg gussets, it keeps poop in. SO funny (and
: ) that I have never had a leak with covers, but have leaks quite frequently with my $$ pocket dipes
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as others have suggested, I love bummis for just laying a prefold in - they are more sturdy I guess so hold the dipe in place better IMO
Bummis always worked well for us. Snappis are great if you don't like pins. I liked using them with the prefolds when DS was small, it helped keep the poop off the covers
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