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Best diaper bag for 2 in cloth?

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I am seriously doubting that Dallin will PT before the new bean comes along...yes I have 9 months, but he'll only be 2 1/2. I have high hopes, but still! :LOL For those of you w/ 2 in cloth what do you use? I have the LL bean right now and it's great for 1, but I'm just not sure I can swing it w/ 2. I tend to over pack. :p Any suggestions? Links? Thanks!!
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I have the slate blue airship/messenger bag from Holly Aiken. I wanted one dh could feel comfortable wearing as well, and one that would outlast it's function. Her stuff is awesome and is literally made to take a beating!
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Muy kecci diaper bag is planty big for a full doy out iwth 1 in cloth diapers, and full change of clothes for 3 kids, plus sippy cups. I think it is really roomy and it doinglt look that big

someone on has them at a great price. and they are beautiful
We used the lg one from Lands End. It also worked well with one in diapers and one learning(lots of cloths changes) :LOL If there is only one I use the smallest bag possible. Benefit of BFing
No bag recs, as I just use a huge LL Bean backpack with 2 big sections, but I hadn't seen that you were pregnant and wanted to offer my congratulations!
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I use a basic McKenzie Kids bag. It's black and fairly large, but doesn't scream diaper bag :LOL . It holds a LOT. When it's a quick trip or one kid, I use a toddler Thomas the Train backpack, which holds 2 diapers and some wipes, plus a sippy cup.
I don't have any suggestions for giant diaper bags, I just wanted to say congratulations!
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I always wonder what other people use...I use a Vera Bradley diaper bag that my MIL gave me when the baby was born. It is pretty big and can fit a lot of stuff!
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