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best iron supplement

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What is the best iron supplement for a 1-old? I've been giving him ionic iron, but I don't think it helps.
Also, what is the best organic iron-fortifed cereal, without suger, additives, etc.?
Thank you!
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Ferrous bis-glynciate, sometimes called ferrochel. It is at least 3 x's as absorbable as other forms, doesn't have side effects like constipation, and isn't affected by phytates in food. The best choice in my experience and research. Use it with vitamin C.

Your cereals are going to have that form because it is so safe and absorbable. However, I don't recommend a fortified cereal. They add other minerals--such as zinc--to it. Also often there is calcium or calcium rich food (milk) is added. Any other mineral will interfere with iron absorption. So you don't want it with zinc or calcium or any other mineral. Don't use fortified foods. You can find organic cereals without fortification easily if you need that. Buit don't use it for your iron source.

Don't take iron with minerals, dairy, soy, beans, egg n(white or yolk), greens containing oxalates or calcium, nuts, seeds, bright fruits or juices like red grapes/prunes/cranberry/etc. All of those inhibit iron absorption.

I use[email protected] this one. I just put some pear sauce on a spoon, open the capsule and put the contents on a spoon, sprinkle some vitamin C powder, and put pear on top. If my son didn't have an orange allergy I might dissolve it in orange juice (vitamin C and I know it will dissolve).
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Thank you! How much of this supplement do I need to give my 1-year-old?

I didn't want to use fortified cereal myself, but I don't know what else to do. A toddler can only eat so much red meat or liver (I don't want to overdose on animal products).
Are you sure the baby needs extra iron? Has this been confirmed with a blood test?

And what exactly is the problem with the baby eating a lot of red meat or liver?

A naturopathic doctor recommended this supplement. I am not sure if it is suitable for toddlers.

I've always thought that eating too much meat is extra burden on the body. How much meat or liver can I give him a day?
I'd use the bis-glycinate rather than that supplement.
Cereal is fortified with iron just like I'm recommending. But they add other minerals too. So if you need to fortify do it directly rather than using cereal.
It would be near impossible to correct a deficiency or anemia with red meat.
However, most 1 year olds getting either formula or breastmilk aren't going to be deficient. If they are something underlying is going on that needs sorted out.

Is your child anemic or low iron or are you just looking to supplement?
He needs his RDA level but it is in breastmilk or formula so he's covered there if that continues.
We did a blood test on him in June, his ferritin was 3, hemoglobin was 10.4.
Then they drew his blood from the vein in July, but somehow didn't check his ferritin, the hemoglobin was 9.1. Now I need to take him for another drawing blood from his vein, to check both hemoglobin and ferritin.
For a while he seemed to look and act better - no bluish lips, not so clingy, not so fussy and whiny. But now it's all back - it goes back and forth like that. On days like that he wants to nurse every minute. I know how important iron is for infant and toddlers - it can hinder the development.
I've been giving him liver since about 6,5 months old. His pediatrician said, "He is the only child in my practice that ate liver as a first food and has anemia". He doesn't have any blood in the stool.
I've been giving him ironic iron - based on my research it's really bioavailable, but it's not working
The problem with ionic iron is that it has to be consumed appr. 6-10 teaspoons a day. It's a tough job because we go out somewhere, and I have to find appropriate time to give it to him. On most days I don't give him that much of it.
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He is allergic to vitamins in general; we tested him using NAET technique. Can it be related to why he is anemic?
NAET treatment for minerals is pretty challenging.
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