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Best knitted soaker/wraps to make?

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I'm not sure if this is where to post this, but new babe is due in June and I really want to knit a few soakers. What are your favorites? Free or to purchase. Thanks!
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i would check the craft section there's a whole lot of info there on patterns and sources.

i have teh LTK (little turtle knits) soaker and longies pattern and since i only knit every once in a while find it very easy to follow. i made a preemie size soaker for my dd (which still fits except i had to stretch the thighs out as she's a bit chunky there) and i'm working on finishing a pair of longies sized newborn. i'm hoping those will still fit
but it hink they will.

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I second the LTK patterns, they are very well written with a lot of sizes. I have the longies pattern, the ribby wrap pattern, and the ribby soaker pattern -- have made them all and really like them all. Her longie pattern is one of my favorites the shaping is really nice through the bum and front.
I love the wooly wonder patterns.

They are easy to follow, and Pam is super nice to work with. They also have a busy forum with lots of willing to help knitters.
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