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best machine for baby food?

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i am going to make my own baby food and was wondering what works best at grinding/pureeing it? will the magic bullet work at all? was thinking of buying that. i wont be making loads of it and freezing it. i want to make it fresh just a few mins before she eats it. i have a food processor but that would be such a pain to make so little food at once...any tips?
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I got the Cuisinart mini-prep for our wedding and wondered if I ought to keep it...there are only so many 1-cup sauces you can make, KWIM?

Well when I had my first baby, that thing became the most-used equipment in the kitchen! I use it for making baby food and as the kids get older I also use it to chop whatever we are having into small pieces or a puree. I love it!

Oh, now that I have big boys, I also use it for smoothies...smaller clean-up than getting out the whole big blender.

I just got an immersion blender for Christmas...I'll for sure try to make baby food with that too for our new LO.
I really prefer using my food mill for the beginning stages of babyfood, because there can be hidden chunks in food processing sometimes. I have a larger food mill and a portable one i bought from Target. I use the portable one daily to make fresh baby food. When your baby is ok with chunkier food I think the immersion blender can be easier as long as you are not making really small quantities. If I am making food to store, I find my food processor easiest.
I would use a stainless food mill for the early stages as pp noted. Then I would switch to a blender w/a glass jar. I would not use bpa-containing plastic food processor bowls or blender jars for a baby. Sadly, even pricier models contain bpa.

I found a lot of info here when I was researching:

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The absolute best is the Babycook. Check it out on their website. It is a little pricey which is why I got mine for Christmas but it is so worth it. It steams/defrosts/reheats as well as purees to whatever consistency you desire...all in one machine. It is so easy to throw in a few veggies or whatever you are cooking for dinner into the babycook and it is ready in about 10-15mins. I highly recommend it.
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