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I do. I make all my own products. I think if you're willing to take the time and research ingredients, you can make your own that will suit your needs.
I'd love to hear more about your "cleansing" or "wash" recipe! :)

I currently use Jason brand rosewater hand and face soap to cleanse, heritage rosewater spritzed on for moisture, my homemade eye oil blend (rosehip seed oil/jojoba oil/vitamin E oil/St. John's Wort infused oil/ and something else right now), and VCO every morning. Sometimes I mix up the plain VCO with some fun ingredients as a basic moisturizer (sealing in the rosewater). At night, I often just spritz on the rosewater and call it a day. Sometimes, I use a cotton ball with the rosewater to cleanse, tone, and lightly moisturize. If my face feels dry (camping or traveling), I use VCO at night, too.

My skin used to be oily before this rosewater routine (and Ayurvedic herbs and healing techniques). Now it is very healthy and "normal"...not dry nor oily anywhere - day or night, but I do have some pigmentation issues and redness occasionally. Whenever I try any store-bought products for these concerns, my skin flips out!!! Itching, LOTS of redness, sometimes burning and peeling, clearly a sign to stay far away! I had sensitive skin for two decades and it is actually better since the rosewater routine...the best it's been since childhood.
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