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Best natural toys for 7 to 9 month olds?

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We try to stick to high quality wooden and natural material toys as much as possible. The favorite seems to be whatever is new (ie rotated), although our LO does like instrument toys in particular. We could probably use a couple more things soon, so I'm curious what are your 7 to 9 month old's favorite toys?
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My DD liked (and still likes) these:

Both of these made great teethers. The knots in the fabric are just hard enough to really chew on!

She also started liking this toy around a year old.
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My 7 mo old loves the Melissa and Doug Wooden Keys. There are 3 wooden keys on a wooden key 'ring' (it is actually square). He LOVES chewing on the keys!!!

He also loves his Green to Grow burp rags. He covers his face, then takes it off, then covers his face again, then chews on it.... on and on and on.
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