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Best online pouch wearing instructions please!!

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My brother has agreed to let me make him a pouch for his 4 month old dd who has reflux and is high needs!
I spent a very short amount of time with him today wearing his dd to "prove" that it is helpful but I know that he will need online instructions that he can refer back to as he learns how to use the pouch. I don't live close by and will probably end up mailing him the pouch so he can have it ASAP.
(A bit of background - he has a 4 month dd and 22 month dd and is on his own since my SIL kicked him and the kids out a couple days ago. He is going to need all the help he can get and I figure a sling is a good place to start to keep the little one happy and be able to play with the older one too!).
Thanks everyone!
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Here are some links I found that might be helpful. The last one shows a ring-sling, but the basic ideas are the same as far as how to put the baby in the sling. I hope you're able to use them! I did a quick google search, so if you need better directions you might look there.

Good luck!
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Just wanted to offer a hug for your brother. That has got to be very hard.
Oh Melissa, that's tough. I hope your brother and the kids are doing ok.

Check out the instructional video on the Maya Wrap site: Sometimes the action shots can help a lot.

ETA: Do you think a "real" video would help? I've got extras of the MW video here and would be happy to send you one if you like?
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