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what is my best option to wear a newborn in florida during July. we will be with my MIL for a month and Nate will be little still. He tends to get really warm. I have a ring sling but it's padded
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Your best option is to stay indoors in A/C as much as possible in July! LOL! It's so hot and muggy here. Take it slow! That said, the light wraps are the Gypsy Mama and the EllaRoo. I am actually not sure what the lightest slings are. I used a cotton sling when my 2nd was born here and mostly, we just didn't go out all that much in the heat of the summer, especially that 1st year when my hormones were all outa whack!
A Solarveil/Solarweave sling or pouch or mei tai would be a great choice, both for breathability and for sun protection if you have to be outside -- Sachi makes solarveil mei tais, and you can find solarveil ring slings and pouches by various makers including TaylorMade, Zolo, Hotslings, KiddieCradles, and I'm sure lots more.
Also check out the Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze wraps. They're thin yet still stretchy and supportive. I love mine for the beach.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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