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Best place for hemp?

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Where does everyone get their hemp? I feel like I am going to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. I wish there were a place in Dallas but I can't find one locally...

1 - 11 of 11 Posts has good prices, but doesn't always have everything in stock. One Stop Diaper Shop is closed at the moment (last I checked) - also excellent prices, prompt shipping, good service. Terri at FMBG sells hemp also.
I get mine from co-ops, the shipping is still high but at least you the fabric is cheap so it all evens out. Do a search at yahoo groups for hemp co-ops or fabric co-ops or diaper supplies, etc....
Hemp is heavy, too. If you buy less than 3 yards it's not really worth it once you pay shipping. I get all mine through coops... Well, I did until I bought a big roll and haven't needed to buy any for a while now. :LOL
Ahhh... very good to know! I pictured it being heavy. I will look for a co-op!
Teri at FMGB runs hemp coops fairly often. And the one I got it through the other times has taken a break. Try SweetNappies coop, too.
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I would try to buy from someone close and have them ship fed-ex ground. Terri is in Austin, if she's running a co-op right now she's your best bet for cheap shipping.
What about hemp in Canada? I'm looking but not finding! Co-op would kill me in shipping and customs!
Sigh. I wished I lived somewhere where stuff like this was available.

One more question, kind of a dumb one: What is on the other side of hemp jersey? If I have diapers and they are hemp but they're smooth... is that jersey?
Hemp jersey is just like tshirt fabric, only hemp and a little sturdier than a reg. cotton shirt. Hemp fleece is like cotton sweatshirt fleece. It has a fuzzy/nubby side, and a smooth, or jersey, side. Hemp french terry is hemp fleece, but the nubby side hasn't been brushed so it's flat loops on that side.
SOO your smooth hemp diapers could be the jersey side of french terry or fleece. Diapers I know of that are hemp jersey (unless I'm way off?) fireflies, KHW, Crickett's.
I've always gotten mine through co-ops, but when I need some soon, and can't wait for the sometimes REALLY long co-op timeframe, I get it from They also have an Ebay store where the prices are lower than their store. I usually add about $1/yd for shipping.

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