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Best place to buy Fuzzi Bunz?

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does anyone know the best priced place to purchase fuzzi bunz new or used?
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Hi mama,
Welcome to MDC and the diapering forum!
Congrats on your decision to CD.

I noticed you have lots of questions as you are trying to figure everything out.

May I suggest a few things?
-Read through the recent threads. Many of these topics are covered often (at least weekly)
-Do a few searches on the forum (WAHM pocket, cheap Fuzzi Bunz, etc)
-Do a google search (or check the diapering reviews) and check out a few WAHM websites for lots of general CD info and info on specific products. You'll also get a feel for products available, the lingo, and prices. was the first site I found (before MDC even!) and I highly recommend it for both CD info and products!

When you have specific questions about products or experiences, the mamas here are awesome!
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I have had very good experiences with Cotton Babies as well as In Our Forrest

I guess I would probably go with Cotton Babies if I were to buy more though, because they have the best inserts and you get one free with every Fuzzi Bunz.

I never noticed much price difference out there unless you are lucky enough to get good deals on ebay

I also recommend cottonbabies since they offer a good, free insert with each one. Also if you purchase $75 (I believe) the shipping is free so it's a good deal. If you are looking to try just one or two and possibly used I would try ebay or else abby'slane or timeforachange as both have free shipping even for small orders.

haven't been there lately..but i always got a free insert with my fb. shipping was free after a certain amount. discounts for buying a certain amount too. like i think a dollar off each if you buy 12 or something like that?
I had good experiences with the mom from she's super nice. Also The mom at

Misty offers packages, free shipping and free inserts if you buy packages of 6 or 12!
i bought ds#1's FB's from (no inserts) and i'm buying my ds#2's FB's from (free inserts) hth's I spent about $87 on Calebs (6) and will spend the same on Cayden's
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