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Best pouch for newborn?

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I am wondering what pouch I should buy for my new baby(due in June)i have two over the shoulder slings but would love to buy a pouch for the first few month.Any suggestions?
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I got a hotsling, and looooove it. I waited until pp to order it because I couldn't get accurate measurements to know what size to order because, well, of my big ol' belly being in the way! I'm tall and ended up having to return my size 3, which should have fit, for a size 4, if that matters. I'm 5'8", about 135lbs (breastfeeding is the BEST pp diet!). It's the easiest sling I have; I've got a ring sling (maya-like, but homemade), and a mei-tai. I still use it for when I'm out, but in a different position now, because I just slip ds into it and go!

Hotslings are worth it to me, to pay the $$...comes with excellent instructions and the sling is very well made.

I love Hotslings too, but I've found that I use my Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch much more. Ds got big *fast* - and the Hotsling became too small to use in the cradle hold. With the KKAFP I can make it larger for a cradle hold (he still likes them at 5 months!) or tighten it up for a belly-to-belly or kangaroo hold. Also, I like that my dh can wear it as well.
I would go for a Slingset - pouch plus support. The fabric is very soft but also BREATHABLE which is great in the summer. I loved my KKAFP in the winter but both baby and I would have suffocated in it in the summer. The support is wonderful too because it gives you two-shoulder comfort.
I recently bought a bunch of new carriers...for a NB I'd recommend the Hotsling.
I love my stretch cotton Hotslings and my cotton sateen slinglings pouch-the smooth sateen is cool and nice for the summer
Just wanted to put a voice in for the peanut shell - I loved it for 0 - 4 mth in the cradle carry: instant sleep inducer!
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