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best sling position for GERD baby?

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Any recommendations for a 3 month old who has GERD and is supposed to be kept upright? She doesn't like the kangaroo carry...gotta go...she is crying.
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dd didnt have GERD but was allergic to dairy and throwing up LOTS, i used to hold her in the maya wrap tummy to tummy (well, more like chest to chest...i'd tighten the fabric so she was up higher and could feel my heartbeat)....she loved that position

Oh I am so SORRY! My second was GERD.

Check out and I liked the tummy to tummy (t2t) position in my ring sling.

With my third I had a Moby, which is even slicker for t2t and just got a slingset. If I had a GERDling now I think I would put him upright t2t in the dual pouch hold of the slingset. Two shouldered hold and you can always remove a pouch if need be.

Hang in there!
I can't remember which site it is, but someone has a picture where you have the baby up higher on a shoulder in a carrier.

Getting a mei tai and putting the baby facing in or out may help.

My youngest had reflux and was lactose intolerant, she didn't stop puking until she was 16months. I never had a carrier for her, I had lent mine out.
Both of my GERD & dairy allergic babies were tummy to tummy. When my first was big enough (and wasn't puking all the time) he went on my back.
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