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Best source to buy wool felt??

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So where have you found good deals/selection on wool felt? I've only found 1 local place to buy it and it's a wool blend felt for 6.99 a yard. She has great colors but just wondering if I get it cheaper on-line.
I've seen some deals for a selection of wool felt pieces on e-bay but I 'm leary about buying fabric from there since I've heard some people say they bought fabric and it was really old and fell apart quickly.
Other than Feltcraft by Petra Berger and Felt Wee Folk are there any other felt books you like?
Thanks for your input
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Ann~ I would love to know this too! Magic Cabin sells some, as well as other doll making supplies, but I don't know if they're prices are good or not. Hopefully someone can help us!
Somebody told me that Joannas Fabric is now carrying wool felt in nice colors, although it is not 100% wool. Maybe Joannas on-line store carries it? You can also order the Keepsake Quilting catalog. They started carrying it for the quilters that are also making penny rugs. I think that the quality of their products has always been excellent.
E-bay has a lot of wool felt too you might check there, they're usually in packages of multiple colors
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Thanks ladies, our JoAnns does not carry it but the Hancock Fabric does have a wool blend felt at the same price as the little quilting place so I rather give the local place my biz-especially since she as tye dye wool felt! Very cool
I may try the e-bay option since I've looked at that a few times-a variety is what I really want so that would work for me.
Our Joann fabrics has 100 percent wool felt on bolts for 6.99 a yard. We also have a mill end textiles that carries wool felt rectangles $1 each.
ebay has the best prices on 100% wool felt. Search under "feltpro"

New Homemaker also has a good price on 100% wool Our Own Store

But...when you work out the prices to $ per square inch, feltpro has the best price.
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