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Best Stroller?

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Hello everyone,

I hope that this is an OK thread for this board. I do love to wear my baby but my dad likes to take him for a walk in a stroller everyday (yep, he is a wonderful grandpa!). We have a big bulky Graco Quattro Tour Stroller that has been great for DS through the winter and when he was so tiny. He's 5 mos. now and the weather is getting better and I'd like a lighter weight stroller and I'd love any suggestions.

Here is what I'm looking for:
Good durable wheels (they go kind of fast on their walks and grandpa is kind of rough on the stroller).
Light weight, easliy colapsable (for me)
tall or adjustable handles as we are a tall family
Safe harness system as DS is still pretty young

Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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What is your budget? A Peg Perego P3 would satisfy all of your conditions and you can find them online for $199. I bought mine secondhand on Ebay for around $50, and it has stood up better than any of the strollers I bought new. The wheels are a little bigger than most umbrella strollers, makiing it easier to push on sidewalks.
An Inglesina Swift would be another option at $119, but the handles aren't quite as tall.
A Maclaren Triumph would be another great stroller. It has nice, high handles and durable wheels. You can buy one for $109 here:
I take my son walking on rough terrain (dirt paths at a nature center). I LOVE the Mountain Buggy Urban stroller for that, but it is pretty big. It's a pricey one and I know a friend has a Jeep 3 wheel stroller that she really likes too.

Other than that, I second the P3 reccommendation or maybe a Maclaren Techno?
I'm a big consumer reports kind of person, so here is a link to a website that sort of combines all of these reviews together and tells you what all the reviewers agree upon, does that make sense?

Here's the link to the family products:
I also love the Peg Perego line. I have the aria but I know there are others with higher handles. They are super light weight. I love mine.
I think the saftey's 1st is a good stroller. It has a car seat on it that you can use on the stroller and then transport it to the stroller. Then when the baby gets older you can take off the car seat and just use the stroller.
my ds loves his jeep jogger (shock absorbant=sleeping baby
). If your Dad is interested, Jeep has one with an odometer so it tells you your time and distance. That is what I have and I love it.
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we have a quinny which is by no means the lightest, littlest stroller available!
i do think it's the best for us, we don't have a car and this goes EVERYWHERE. we had to get groceries in a foot of snow and we hauled this sucker through it.
if we do get a car, i'm not sure what we'll do.
i think i'll just make sure the trunk is big enough for the quinny.

i'd rather wear haye anyways, but sometimes he just really wants to be in his stroller.
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we just bought a Quinny Zapp and LOVE it. It folds up really small, which was a big seller for us, and we only paid 179.99 (canada)
i can't find which one we bought on the quinny website.
it's a 4 wheeler with shocks and a carseat.
We LOVE our LL Bean jogging stroller!!!!
It has hefty wheels/tires that go thru deep mud or snow w/no problem (ok not like a plow, but ya get the drift
) We live on a dirt road and we wanted a jogger that could up hold blessed "mud-season" here! Along w/snow etc...It's awesome! It also came w/an infant insert so the babe is harnessed it all safe & cozy...Before DD was born I did alot of research on Joggers...Looked at features & price...This was a great deal! It even folds flat to throw in your trunk! It has a bunch of pockets and a cup holder!

Worth every penny!!!!

I'd check it out! and Bean has Fab. customer service too!

Good luck!
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I love love love my mountain buggy urban!!!!!!! It is pretty expensive and not really small, but wow its great. I spoke with several people before I had my ds and several of them said they bought a few strollers because the one they got first time around wasnt really what they needed and they wished they had just spent the money on a good one like the mountain buggy first. I especially like it because our driveway is like a logging road and you pretty much need a stroller like this to make it up to the main road. I use my mountain buggy almost everyday and it has reall helped my get strong again after pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. xoxox
We paid about $50 for our Chicco stroller. It was a GREAT investment. We already had a tank-stroller, but wanted something a little lighter for a trip to Las Vegas. Our requirements were that it had to be light and small, but still have a sunshade and at least a small basket underneath. This is PERFECT. I can stuff a sling and a jacket underneath, the sunshade has tiny pockets perfect for a snack, kleenex, cellphone, sunglasses, keys, or something else small, and I can hold the baby while collapsing it and putting it in the trunk of the car -- a true triumph.

This is pretty close to what we have -- the design of the shade is a little different since ours is a couple of years old, but it looks almost the same.
Check out the "places to go...strollers" board at (under Baby Bargains book). There are some real stroller mavens there who know *everything* about strollers and *everywhere* to get them for a good price. There is also a strollerswap list on yahoogroups where people buy and sell gently used strollers, so it may be that you can get a really good stroller at a major discount.

I also wear my babies mostly but really love to take long walks, and I find that having a good stroller means my freedom -- I can pack everyone in and go for a nice walk; I bring my mei tai or sling for when someone gets antsy. I do all my errands with my stroller; I can even go to the market and do my shopping, then have them deliver the order later (*much* cheaper than hiring a sitter).

For those long walks, I have a Mountain Buggy Urban Double. I got it used, because they are extremely expensive, but I have found that it is worth every penny. It's a jogger-style (all terrain air filled wheels) but the wheels swivel, so it's highly maneuverable.

I have to say that I've found that good wheels and sturdy construction for walking tends to be mutually exclusive from lightweight and compact. The P3 or Inglesina Zippy might work. You can also check out the new Graco Mosaic, which is a copy of the Maclarens but with bigger Graco wheels. People speak well of the Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain (a copy of the Mountain Buggy Urban Single) although it has had some tippiness issues and durability issues. YMMV of course. has some great reviews of all the strollers and a nice long description for each one with its advantages and disadvantages.
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This is our stroller
It is really light weight, sturdy, easy to clean, folds with very minimal effort, and has a carrying strap for when its folded. It is like a very sturdy umbrella stroller. It was something like 99 bucks....I totally love it for the daily errend scenario.

We do have a LL Bean jogger for long walks on the bike path but we got it as a hand-me-down...I love it but it would be a royal PITA to break down and cart around in and out of the car for just the daily-shleping-your-toddler- stuff.

Anyway good luck!
I use the Graco Literider. It's very lightweight, which was a concern for me. It's also pretty cheap (about $60) and it collapses easily. I haven't done much with it yet due to bad weather, but I've taken it out a few times and have been happy with it. The wheels seem pretty sturdy and the front wheels turn to steer, which is something some of the others I looked at didn't do.
I also love my peg perego, I have the pliko but the p3 is newer and has all the features you are looking for. I've also heard great things about the Maclaren's. Both are a little pricey, but worth it IMO as they will last thru many babies and are high quality.

Thanks for all of the great replies!!

I really appreciate it!

So many great strollers to choose from


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