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Best surf/pool shoes - help please

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dd needs some closed in water shoes for the beach but I'm having trouble finding them in her size - 6. Tonight we tried the Target ones and Speedo ones but they seem to only come in 5 and 7.

Please tell me some more brand names or shops where I can buy these. I'm still brand illiterate in the USA. Especially the kind of shoes that have an adjustable ankle band.

Also any tips on good shoes for skinny ankles would be a bonus.
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I got my son's water shoes at H&M. This was a couple months ago and I don't know what the girls' selection was like but I had no problem finding a pair that fit him (10, he's behemoth).

Good luck!
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You've probably already taken car of this, but I ordered mine from land's end...I like the toggle to help pull them on. They might be on sale now. Last year I bought them at a boating supply store. They do come in 6 by the way, try another target. They run small too, so the larger size might be ok.
Yeah - I got the Speedo ones from Target as well - bought the Large (too big), returned them for the mediums(too small) and ended up back with the Larges(now a little less big

I would try Payless, or Stride Rite (I think they'll cost around $20 there - but I bet they'll have a pair that fits correctly!)
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I noticed this week that the chain drugstores (CVS, Brooks, Walgreens) seem to have a big selection of water shoes for $5 and under. Probably not the greatest quality but the pair I looked at seemd to be flexible, have a soft collar around the ankle and a workable elastic drawstring for adjusting them. I'm going back to get them since I figure DD doesn't need a high-end pair considering she won't use them everyday this summer and they'll be way too small next season.
Thanks for the advice. We tried so many shoes on dd. She just has skinny ankles so really needed some that adjusted. I love H&M but they're a bit hard to get to for me. We tried the CVS ones but they were too wide for dd although good value and they did have an ankle adjustment.

We finally got the Land's End ones, the toggle means you can tighten them easily and it makes them easy to get off and on a wet foot. It wasn't easy dealing with Sears though - I rang ahead to check if they had dd's size and they assured me they did but I found they had women's size 6's in the children's section, grrr. So I got them for myself
I rang another Sears and they said they didn't have any childrens 6's. By this time I didn't believe them, so I went there and sure enough, they had them. Go figure!

I'm glad I got them, cause dd wore most of the day all week while we on vacation.
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