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Best training pants?

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What kind of training pants do you like? My dd is ready to move up to pull-up/push-down training pants rather than actual diapers, but still has accidents if she is really engaged in something and doesn't want to run to the toilet, so I need something somewhat waterproof still. We've been letting her just go naked, but I want her to learn to take her pants down and up by herself. Anyone have ones they really like? (Or want to trade for something???
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A couple days ago I ordered a couple of these for my preschool bedwetter: Fleece pocket trainers (under diaper category, then trainers):

havent used them, but happy heiny has pull-up trainers--on sale right now at

see also:
We use the Kushies trainers.
We have about a dozen of 'em in rotation at the moment.
You can get 'em here w/free shipping.
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Originally Posted by mama.Virg
see also:
That link is for the Overnight Undies. You can also check out the Trickle Free trainers, more appropriate for daytime learning.
We love mother of edens Trickle Free Trainers for daytime and Overnite Undies for nights.

We also love our one, lonely Bumpy cover and hope to some day acquire more of them....

The gerber trainers suck, so don't get
I don't recommend the Happy Heinys pocket trainers. They are cute and leakproof, but the material is so stiff and the leg holes so tight that there is no way my DS (almost 3) can pull them up and down by himself. Even *I* have a hard time getting them on and off him!

The Bumpy training pants, on the other hand, work very well for us. They are soft and well-constructed, and they pull up and down much more easily. They look more like real underwear than a lot of trainers. Bumpy also makes cotton doublers that fit the training pants, if you want extra absorbency for trips out of the house. I ordered the training pants and doublers from Earthbaby.

For advanced potty learning, you might try Super Soakers. They're inexpensive, white cotton underpants with extra thickness in the crotch. They won't hold in a full pee, but will catch a bit if your DD is able to stop and run to the potty once she feels that initial wetness. I think they have them at the Potty Store.
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