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Best Training Pants??

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My SIL is FINALLY potty training my niece, but she keeps having problems with her because they use pull ups DN was in pampers *blech* before, so when she gets the pull up on, she pees in it.

I am going to get her some to use, I have a few from Adriana, but like to keep them for long car trips, or when she is drinking alot before bed time

I am sending all of Adriana's Gerber Training Pants, but still need something with a barrier layer (PUL)

I would like to know what your favorite training pants are that have some kind of barrier layer, and open at the sides preferably.

TIA~ Jodi
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I hear daisy doodles trainers are awesome! I haven't tried them personally but I love her AIO's so I bet they're just as awesome!
I really like the potty dance pants. They have them at What size are you looking for?
She wears a size 3t, so probably a medium?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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