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best value for a fitted???

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ive never used one before and was wondering which brands are the lowest price and work well id like to buy a few and spam me please!!!!
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I really like my Sandy's and MEOS. They are very durrable, fit well and I have never had them leak. They are nice and absorbant for us too. They also have a great re-sale value. I don't have any problems with stains, which is a plus.
How about Sammy's One Size from

If you don't mind the snappi, I like fitteds from (has instock & good prices)
I like Snappi Fitteds with a doubler, too.

I think has great fitteds & prices. (has instock)
For fitteds I like Izabela's "Bum-Ware", the prints are so cute!
She is really nice to deal with and the price is right! I think that she is even offering free shiping this week? I am not 100% sure but I think that it ends July 4th. I read this somewhere? I think you have to enter the word "FREE" in the voucher box? I just bought 2 more dipes from her and they are so sweet!

SAHMommy to 3 little monsters
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