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Best washable breast pads?

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I'm working on registering for stuff and wanted to know what washable breast pads people like. Any recommendations?
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i have only used Kushies breast pads and i love them.
I bought the ones that sell, but honestly I think I prefer the plain ol' cheap Gerber ones I bought at Target.
I loved my bambooino (sp) ones. So soft. I found some of the serged edgeds of the cotton ones got rough and that some cotton ones got stiff after a few washes. The bamboo was always soft and super absorbent. I always leaked through cotton and rarely leaked through bamboo.

Next baby that is all I am going to have. I'll need like 12 pairs of them since I leak like crazy
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A friend of mine makes cloth breast pads and panty liners and I love them. You can find them at another friend's online store -
If you don't see them listed, email the store owner and ask for the ones Sarah makes
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The only ones that actually worked were the Bravado ones

But I still had to do disposible to be able to wake up in the morning dry until about the 5 month mark.
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I really like my Swaddlebees organic velour nursing pads - but these are the only ones I've ever used, and so I'm not sure how they compare with others.
I really couldn't stand the bravados. I prefer the thinner cheaper ones from target... I think they were cloth lanisohs or playtex... hmmm. I actually bought them used from another Mama and can't remember which ones exactly. But I do know they were cheap in a box from Target
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