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Our washer and dryer are dying (simultaneously) so DH and I are shopping for a new set. Since we have decided that we are going to cloth diaper our future children, we figured we should get a pretty hardcore washer/dryer.

Disclaimer: I've never in my life washed a cloth diaper, so I guess I am feeling a bit clueless as to what I should be looking for.

We saw the Fischer-Paykel (sp?) Intuitive unit has a diaper setting. That seems foolproof, so I liked that. My husband doesn't like top loaders, though, and said he preferred a "sexier" front loader. (He seriously used that word. I had to laugh.)

So two front loaders that we were considering: One is from Samsung and has what is called "Silvercare" which uses ions as an antibacterial agent. The advantage of this is that super hot water is not needed for sanitization, which results in less energy usage.

The other front loader we were considering is by Miele. I'm sorry that I cannot remember the model. We liked that this one has a life expectancy of 20 years, and it has a "honeycomb" interior which is supposed to be much more gentle on fabrics. This may be really important to extend the life of our diapers. (Especially since we are leaning towards all AIOs)

Both the Samsung and Miele can have customized cycles (so I could add an extra rinse, and a presoak, etc.)

The prices vary greatly with these three units. About $1600 for the set of Fischer-Paykel, $2500 for the Samsung, and $3600 for the Miele. Is the Miele really $2000 "better" than the F-P? The price difference seems sort of crazy, but if it outlives the other unit significantly, it may be an OK deal.

Does anyone have any experience washing diapers with any of these units? Does anyone have a washing machine that they have been really happy with for CDs?

Thank you for taking the time to read this rambling post, and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

Take care,
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