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Best water carrier?

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DD is 5 months and about 12 lbs and has decided that she doesn't like mommy showering without her! Also, since summer is coming up I may also try going to the pool with her.

So what in your opinion is the best/most comfortable water carrier? I want one that is secure enough to hold her, but also one in which I can wash her bottom and also wash myself underneath the fabric if necessary. On "dry land" I alternate between a medium sized New Native pouch, a Kozy carrier, and a Moby wrap. I have tried a maya wrap ring sling but hate it--just doesn't seem good with my body type. I could deal with a ring sling for the amount of time it takes to shower, but I'd prefer something more comfortable in case we end up going to the pool a lot.

Thanks in advance!
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I have a hotsling pool pouch that I really like. Also you can get a pool pouch from peanutshell ( Or you could check out water wrap from or a solarveil sachi (can get a detachable hood). I think carries all of these if you want to shop in one place! (And she has free shipping over $75)
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