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Aww, hugs, mamas.

I am 14 weeks pg and was getting sore at the two-hour session my 18 mo DD would have from 4-6 am. She woke to nurse only 1-3 times before that, not quite every two hours. But I decided to limit her time. I started patting her back and humming while nursing, then continuing that when I unlatch her. somtimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't. But she's not nursing/latched on constantly for two hours at a time. She does nurse enough that when she doesn't wake to nurse until 4-5 (we got to bed 10ish) I feel full. So it's not just a comfort thing. But she has gotten to where she'll nurse a short bit and unlatch herself. Or I unlatch her and she won't roll over and go to sleep. So sometimes she is still nursing longer than I'd like. but less than she would be left to herself. That worked much better, BTW, than DH trying to soothe her. And she wouldn't take a bottle from either of us. I think a big part is finding what works to soothe your child besides nursing. But that doesn't address the hungry issue.

But what someone else told me which helped, it's a signal that you may need to change things, but you don't have to nightwean.

Hmm, for the hungries, do you do a bedtime snack? I really try to make sure DD gets something before bed, yogurt, cow's milk, raisins, cheese, carrots, oatmeal, something. I'm not really good at making sure it's protein, but I try to stay away from carbs that have nothing lasting in them.
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