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My dd is almost 17 mo, and she still nurses a LOT, which is more or less fine with me. She nurses every 2 hours or so at night, which is not particularly fine with me, but it doesn't look like there's anything I can do about it right now, so I'm waiting that out.

But now that my AF is back, I'm having big supply problems for about a week every month. I never used to have to give her both sides during a feeding, and during that week I do. She ups her frequency and her duration of nursing, and she will make her "milk" sign WHILE nursing, which makes me think she's not getting as much as she wants. She eats more solids during this week, so I figure she's fine nutritionally.

BUT, nighttime is a problem. Last night she was nursing every 45 minutes, for long sessions, and nursing continuously starting at about 5. When I finally gave her to her dad at 5:45 AM, she fussed and fussed until he fed her, then she went right back to sleep!

She won't drink any kind of milk from a cup or a sippy. Should I try a sippy of nonhuman milk in the middle of the night (hoping when she's drowsy she won't care)? Should I try to wake her up and give her some dry cereal or fruit? I'm afraid she will get confused and not be able to get back to sleep. I feel just terrible that she's sleeping hungry all night.

Please tell me how you feed your hungry toddler at night!

(When I get frustrated, I think "shouldn't she be able to make it through the night without eating anyway?? She's 17 months old!" But that doesn't really get me anywhere, does it? sigh.)
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