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Best Way to Fold a CPF for a Newborn?

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Hello! I'm new here and new to cloth diapering, with my baby due in August. I'm sure I'll have more questions later. Right now, I am wondering what you consider the best fold for CPFs for a newborn? I'm not afraid of the Snappy. I am a little leery of pins. I have a stash of newborn and infant CPFs, as well as Bummis, Proraps and wool covers. I know I can just lay the CPF in the cover, but am thinking this could be quite messy with nb bf poo?
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if you are wanting to do a fold the newspaper or reverse newspaper are both good folds for newborns. I love both but now that my chunky monkey is older and eating solids I love the bikini twist.
I like a snappied angel-fold the best with a newborn. It keeps the poopies contained. Just make sure your cover has a nice fit around the thighs too.
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Thank you! Those are all great sites. I like the look of the bikini twist and had never heard of the angel fold. It sounds like we may have to try some of these and see how they work depending on the baby?
I love pfs for newborns! I thought I would like the ease of laying the pf in the cover, but it looked ridiculously bulky on my little guy. It seemed easier to just snappi it than make sure every edge was tucked into the cover. I used the reverse angel fold which allowed me to fold the excess length in front where ds needed more absorbancy.
Angel fold wiyhout a doubt! Love it. It's all we use. NAK
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