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Best way to use Fuzzi Bunz at night?

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I have been using disposables at night with dd (6mos) but would like to try to use our FBs. I try not to change her in the night and in the morn' her dipe is SOAKED and heavy but we've not had a leak. Can FBs do this too? I currently stuff with an infant cpf during the day, sometimes a premium size. What do folks recommend for stuffing more trimly that can handle night times? I know there are a variety of stuffings and would be willing to pay more for something that could really hold a lot. Does anybody know if there are any current sales going on for such things? I appreciate any help folks can offer...
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I'd suggest DuckyBuns inserts! They are great and super trim!
3 joeybunz work for us - trimness is a MUST since dd is a belly sleeper
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DS wears smalls during the day (with 2 JBs for outings) but at night I put him in a Med (he is borderline right now) and stuff with 3 JBs. works all night for us (10-6 ish)
Nighty Newts from Little Lounging Lizards work wonderfully for us.
I use a hemp prefold and doubler - makes for a big booty but DS doesn't mind and he;s a tummy sleeper (big butt up in the air - it's sooo cute!!)
We stuff with two microterry MOE inserts and no leaks, but she does not nurse at night at all.
3 joey bunz, and that gets us through the night with no leaks. Yey!
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2 microfiber cloths
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Two microterry inserts and he's dry all night.
I stuff mine with a wonderfold for my heavy wetter nightime wetter.

sometimes I use a toddler prefold for my 20 mo old 25lb toddler. Sometimes I stuff with 1jb and 1 moe insert. I like them both and neither have leaked. I like the trimness of the jb and moe. But I dont have that many. So sometimes he's bulky at bed! LOL
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At that age, we did one MOE insert and one hemp insert. The MOE insert helped the moisture spread more evenly on the hemp.
DD is the same age, and we use a Hemperoo and a microterry fleece doubler. No leaks.
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At that age we used 3 JBs in a medium FB, now we only need 2 in a Large for over night.
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