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Best wipes at a reasonable price?

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I thought that we would just use commonly available baby washclothes for wipes, but after checking them out, I'm not so sure. The ones at BRU seemed very flimsy and were about 75cents each. Target had some for 50 cents each, but they were super flimsy and I couldn't imagine wiping up poo with those. They had some different ones that seemed quite a bit better, but they were $1 each and I felt like I could good some good WAHM wipes for that price! Adult washcloths seem like they would just be too big for wipes, although we could get a good price for some thirsty ones.

I told DH I could find some online or even less for the same price as the Target baby cloths. He asked how I would know they would be good and not flimsy (like the cheaper baby cloths), well that is where I need your help!!

What are some good, sturdy, thirsty wipes at $1 or less per wipe?

And how many will I be needed for a newborn? I'm guessing at least 36 since I have that many dipes (went a bit nuts!).

Thanks so much! I would never have thought to get into cloth diapering without this board!
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i have 3 dozen and i think that is a good amout........ i like 2 ply wipes velour sherpa wipes are my favorite she has some great wipes also......

but going with 2 ply makes for good wipes and i like the 8x8 size.........
how could i for get out about recyclebees........ her ho humdingers are great
Thanks for the suggestions!

There's a typo in the recyclebees address, for anyone else peeking in. I found them at:

ryansmom, would you say you prefer the LHC or the Ho Humdingers, since you have both?
Also, are the LHC wipes print on one side?
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I like the feel of the vlour ones myself. so i prefer the LHC no print........ i have sherpa on one side and velour on the other........ they are great.........
I just got wipes from for 80 cents a peice. The only other wipes I have are from an MDC momma who made them for me - oops broken condom is her screen name
and I love them
My dd takes them for her dolls all the time.
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I ordered 6 wipes from Michelle at MuttaQin Baby and I have to say they are the best wipes I have ever used! She uses some beautiful prints and they are backed w/velour! They are the softest things I've ever had my hands on!

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If you're not sure what you'll like, somebody here sent me to for her grab bag, which was a GREAT deal. And I like it a lot because I got to try a lot of different things to see what I liked.

I like the wipes I got from here, they are flannel print on one side and velour on the other. They are a good size too.
Thanks so much for starting this thread. I've been searching all night for more wipes in between hopping on to Mothering . . . and wow, here's the answer!
sherpa/velour is my favorite combo too! Darling Diapers half wipes are definitely my favorites!
BoobyJuice, I'm glad this thread is helping you out!

I, myself, am paralyzed with indecision. Do I want all my wipes from one store? What fabric do I want? Do I want all one color or patterns or what?

My husband thinks I am nuts. I told him I can't decide. He was like, "Hello, they are wipes. Pick some!"

Thanks all for all the links. I have checked them all out and can't decide for some reason. Would you all recommend an assortment of wipes from different places? Or having a pretty consistent stash? I'm just worried if I get a bunch of different kinds, they'll be one I like the most and then I'll end up buying a bunch more of that kind and wasting the rest.
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Someone posted a thread about this a couple of weeks ago and suggested I got some from her (sherpa and velour backed in 8X8 and 5X8) and I

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Originally Posted by mthomas

awesome awesome awesome
And they are on sale! 0.85 each with free shipping! I just p-up a dozen wipes for 10.20! That's a really good deal
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Thanks everyone!

I ended up ordering a bunch of sherpa/velour wipes (42) from LHC.

I hope that's enough!
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