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Best wooden tool box set?

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My son, 19 months, has become OBSESSED with tools. We do let him play with a few of our safer tools -- pliers and socket wrench -- but I'd like to get him his own toy tool box and tools. Grandma gave us $20 towards one, so now I just need to figure out what one is best. I know Melissa and Doug makes one. Any opinions?

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Hey NewMama!

We got the Melissa and Doug one when H was 2. J, at 18 months is really enjoying it. It has held up well through lots of use. I do believe some of the paint has chipped in places, but for $10 it is still going strong 2 1/2 years later.
we have the melissa and doug set too. my dd really likes it- it is probably the toy that she plays with the most and for the longest amount of time. she is the only kid i know who knew how to use a screwdriver before her 1st birthday! lol! that is why we got the set- i was hoping it would still be fun since it wasn't "real" but, like i said, she really has fun- concentrating on which screw should go in which hole and then switching them all again- a little screwing, a little with the hammer.... too cute!
i like it b/c it doesn't take up too much space.
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