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We are offically creating a "family bed" this weekend! DH and I have been gradual converts. When dd (first baby) was born, I liked everything I read about AP *except* for the co-sleeping! We have a small bed and I love my sleep! I was so uptight those first few weeks that the few times we *did* bring her to bed, I couldn't sleep. No problem, though -- dd loved her crib from day 1 and was one of those rare babies that learned to go to sleep on her own, in her crib without shedding a single tear.
(For the longest time I wondered what all the fuss about babies sleeping was about! :LOL )

Then along came ds. Mothering came easier to me by the time he was born (2 years experience and all) and sleeping with him that first night in the hospital just seemed totally right. I did try to put him in the crib at home so as not to start a "bad habit", but lo and behold, he wouldn't sleep in his crib at all, even though it was right beside my bed!
At about 6 weeks, dh and I waved the white flag and hooked the crib up to our bed as a side-car. Turns out dh and I both enjoyed co-sleeping more than we thought we would.
BUT, our bed is still small and we hadn't baby proofed our room, so when ds got close to being old enough to climb down from the bed, we put the rail back on the crib and gradually acclimated him to sleeping there all night. He still gets up at 5 am for his morning nursie in bed though, so we usually start the morning with him in bed.

In the mean time, 3 y.o. dd started to get up at about 5 am (lately 3 am!) and ask to crawl in bed with us. It's getting mighty crowded, but we *love* having both kids with us like that in the mornings! If space weren't such an issue, we might even be able to all go back to sleep!

Sooo... we are moving the crib to dd's room and putting our futon and another futon together on the floor of our room so that we will all fit! For us, this is the best of all worlds. The kids will start each night in their room, restoring a measure of privacy for me and dh that we haven't had since ds was born. Then we can all end up together! I'm so excited to see how it goes. I think we will love it.
I'm giving up my "real" bed on a frame, but so what. These early years are too short!
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