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Beware: ADA changed their rules on abx prophylaxis for dental care

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I took Ian and Connor to the dentist on Friday for their 6 month exam and had a long discussion with the dentist because he said that the ADA recently changed their policy on who requires antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental care, and those with compromised immune symptoms are now on the list
He said that Connor has to have medical clearance before he can see the dentist, even though 6 months ago he didn't!

So I faxed the form over to Connor's infectious disease dr and then called him. He said that he wasn't aware of the policy change, and was researching it for me. I told him that I understand the risks of oral bacteria entering the blood stream, I know all about endocarditis, etc but when you have someone like Connor who you avoid antibiotic usage unless absolutely necessary BECAUSE he has an immune deficiency, it seems counter-intuitive to give antibiotics every 6 months, even just one dose!

I hate it every time he's on them, but I know that it's necessary for all his infections. We're very careful to culture infections and choose the abx carefully, so how will we choose abx for this??

Anyway, as soon as I find a link, I'll post it, but I wanted to tell all of you in case your LOs have appointments coming up!
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Yup the C(canadian)DA put that in place about a month ago of so and when I had Megan looked at because she smashed her teeth they said that she would need the Abx - of course my answer was no way in he** because of her past c-diff. The dentist was ok with this but he has delt alot with tricky cases - she was just fine after. We are trying not to have any Abx untill at least fall to give her gut time to heal and give her time to get rid of and resistant bactera so that we can use the less potent drug again.
You might try and talk to your dentist and get them to work with Conner's sicknesses so they see him when he is on the abx for reasons that he must be on them... basically take him to the dentist when he is sick and already on abx. Sorta like combining procedures.

You will have to work with the doctors involved who prescribed the abx and the dentist to make sure they are the right ones and the correct amount for both.

The negative financial picture maybe that insurance may not pay for the dentist if they are less than the 6 months apart... don't know if you could get some sort of waiver from them to allow less time between visits or not, if for some reason an abx sickness would fall at 5 months ... wouldn't hurt to try though.
DD's dentist told us this last month also. (She has a heart murmur)
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