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BF All Night!!!!

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16 mo old BF all night long, is this a good thing? I hate it and can't stop it!
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Is your lo teething? Not feeling well? Is this a normal pattern or all-of-a sudden?
16 months seems to be a rather difficult stage for a lot of babies/mamas. I hear complaints all the time from mamas that at this point, their babies who may have formerly been "great sleepers" start waking up more, are fussier, are nursing constantly, etc. I don't know why that is, but my guess is that it has something to do with teething, and possibly a growth spurt/transition into todderhood. It's just a stage....I know it seems like it might last forever, but it won't.
Hang in there, mama.
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This "growth spurt" has been going on sense 12 mo! She is always teething it seems!
Is this a good thing? Doesn't sound like it if you hate it. However, this too will pass.
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