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Well, my kids are sick. The cousins have RSV, my kids have very similar symptoms - all we really know about my kids is that DS has pneumonia, ear infections, the works. I'd really like to say that we're still nursing, but we're not, he weaned when my supply dropped off.


The question is - here I am quite close to the end of my pregnancy, probably delivering in the next week or so. How protective is breastfeeding against RSV? Against whatever else my kids might have? I have been, um, heavily exposed to this over the past almost-two-weeks but am not sick. I'm assuming my body manufactures elevated levels of antibodies anyway in response to the higher whatever-they-have concentration showing up in my body, and they'd be in the breastmilk (even the colostrum, right?). So would my breastfed baby be protected? How much so?
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