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BF Marathon

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I'm nursing my 6wo baby "on demand" so whenever he wants to eat, he eats, and he can eat for up to 2 hours at a time. I know part of the time, he's probably not eating much, just using it as a pacifier, but for the majority of the time, he is actually eating.
I have family that are constantly making subtle comments about how long he eats for as if I'm not doing it right. I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. Are there others whose babies just nurse constantly? My SIL said her DD only nursed for 5 minutes on each breast at each feeding; wouldn't her baby just have been getting mostly foremilk? Her DD gained weight just right, though, and she BFed for 9 months.
I'm just looking for assurance that my DS and I aren't abnormal.
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Some babies feed more than others - your baby sounds perfectly normal to me! My boys are little boob addicts they always have been. At 6 weeks old I don't know why I bothered even putting on a shirt most days because they were always at the breast

Now at 3 1/2 years and 14 months there are still some days they are on me non stop!
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TOTALLY normal. My dd was like this for about 6 weeks, sometimes it doesn't slow down for about two months. Don't worry about what others say.
When my DD was that age she nursed a lot. She was sporadic through the day and then marathon nursed from about 3 pm till 8 or so. Your baby is going through a lot of growth spurts right now. It'll calm down soon enough.

Both of my sons were like your little one. I got the "you're just a (gasp!) human pacifier!" remarks too. So what? They're only little like this for such a short time, and what can it hurt to make them feel so secure, and safe and happy. Besides, more snuggle time for me!
that was my ds too!! i would also get the "only feed 10 mins. on each side", "an hour is too long" comments. thank goodness i didn't listen. you and babe sound like you;re doing well! mary

I was asking this very question at LLL when DS was 6 weeks! He was a marathon nurser--70-80 minutes at a time, so not as bad as your DS. The pediatrician told me he was "comfort sucking" too, but I think he really did need to go for that long. My MIL, trying to help, kept asking me things like "are you sure you have enough milk?" That really does hurt your confidence. Don't let it worry you--you're doing fine.

I found that I absolutely had to pop him off when the sucking slowed or he would literally never have come off. The "pops blissfully off the breast" that is referred to in all the books just didn't happen at all (and still doesn't). When I did this, he would complain for a minute or two, but if I gave him to DH he calmed down instantly and was perfectly happy. It saved my nipples and my sanity more than a few times.

At about 10 weeks he started to be able to go much faster. Now at 4 months he can get done in about 20 minutes. It's funny, though, because he sometimes gets upset that he's finished so quickly and insists on staying latched on and snoozing.
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my ds was like this the entire first 8 months if his life. He was the king of cluster feeds. It is normal, especially at 6 months. Teething, growth spurts, etc can make a baby want to nurse more often like this. My mom used to say things like "my doctor says most babies just use the boob as a pacifier and that it is very hard on the mother"... it was her way of calling in an "expert" (haha) to show her concern for me. I used to tell her "so, what's wrong with that? I should give him some plastic device to keep him happy instead? No. thanks. mom. But, I appreciate your concern, and if you would like to help me out you could ___ ". (insert helpful suggestion here)

You and your baby are doing fine, and everything is normal.
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