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Bf-supportive peds in Boulder?

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Does anyone know of any? I have a friend planning a birth in Boulder and she needs a local ped. Thanks!
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We're moving to Boulder (most likely), and we'll need a good pediatrician too.

I am also looking for an alternative medical practitioner in Boulder, such as a chiropracter or applied kinesiologist who does nutrition therapy and homeopathic medicine.

-- Caitlin, [email protected]
My only contact with the medical profession is my family doctor, John Hudson MD. He is at Avista in Louisville, and is extremely BF friendly. We had a UC and he didn't give me any grief, when I told him we were not going to vaccinate, he said "good" and he has just been a wonderful doc to work with for the past twelve years.

We use Craig Reese DC in Boulder as our main healer. He does acupuncture, herbs, kinesiology, and is just an all around good guy. He's a dad, supportive of UC birth and has been our main doc for ten years.

Hi there Rachel!

Just noticed your thread and though I don't have any specific advice (I'm south of Denver and my ped is not really BF friendly anyway, just not BF unfriendly, and a really nice lady...) I wondered if she'd called a local LLL chapter for any info? I know you're as into them as I am, so I'm sure you've already tried that... I've also heard Boulder Community Hospital is fairly progressive so I wonder if a call to their post partum unit for a chat with a friendly nurse or LC might help?

I know someone who really liked their doc in Boulder - I'll try to find a name.
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