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BF with the Flu

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EEE gawds....I don't feel well at all. I'm still breast feeding and I an barely keep any food down myself. Any advice on what to injest, that will stay down, tp keep my strength up?
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Make sure to keep hydrated. That is the most important thing. Dehydration will affect your milk supply in addition to yourself.

Can you keep down dry toast? What about eggs? some chicken or vegetable broth (maybe with a few noodles thrown in)?

I hope you feel better soon. It's a real drag nursing and being sick at the same time. The only thing that is worse is when the babe is sick too!

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It can be hard, but for those moments when no one is helping you it's much easier to just be able to lie down with baby while babe nurses.

I had the flu last January (not stomach flu, the headache, fever, shakes, delirious kind) and dh would just bring ds to me when he needed to nurse and take him away again when ds was done. There were times I was so out of it that I couldn't really talk, but it worked out fine as all ds needed was a boob.

Just try to stay hydrated as much as possible and as soon as you feel up to eating, get some food.
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