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I know I still have lots of time to get ready for this as I am not due till Nov. but I have a few questions anyway.

Just a little bit of background so you know where I am coming from. I nursed my first exclusively for 4 months. (that was 9 yrs ago) He had reflux really bad and they encouraged me to mix rice cereal in with his milk to help it stay in his belly. After a few weeks of trying to pump and mix I just gave up and went to formula.
My second baby nursed all the time, with a very painful latch and would cry even after he was done eating. I know now that he had a tight frenulum and we probably could have continued if I had only had some advice in that dept. But at the time I just couldn't handle the pain and a screaming baby so we switched to formula at 2 mos.
Then I had my breast reduction. Best thing I ever did.
So when my third came along and my Dr said we just have to wait and see if everything will work I had no confidence at all. I pumped in the hospital because I was so worried my DD was not getting anything from me. Of course I just got a few drops of colostrum. I cried, thinking nothing was working, and gave up. Nurses didn't even try to tell me that was normal and to give it more time.

SO this time I am determined to breastfeed. I have set my goal for 6 mos so as not to overwhelm myself, thinking that when I get to 6 I will just keep going. I am still nervous about all the mechanics of my breasts working ok. I did experience engorgement and leaking with my last one so I know I make milk.

Is there anything I should do to prepare this time around? While I am in the hospital should I pump in between feedings to help my supply? Or should I assume everything is fine until we have an issue?

Sorry for the long post, I really don't have anyone in my circle of friends here who have done the whole nusing thing, and I am the ONLY person I know IRL who has had a reduction.

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hello. I am also bfar. and according to my LC its not the worst problem in the world. although at first it can seem like it.

pumping right after feedings is good. try to do it as much as possible. but let yourself sleep too. get a good LC or a LLL leader that you can call if you have any questions or issues.

try not to have formula on hand right away but know that you may need some later down the line. but formula should be something you talk over with your LC or LLL leader. if you do have to do formula use a Lact-Aid or an SNS. (LCs and some LLL leaders should have something to use at least temporarily)

I really should post my whole story sometime. but right now my baby is 6.5 months old and gets about 8oz of supplement a day (in two diffrent feedings). I pump twice a day now and get an avrage of a little over an oz a day for two 4oz 'servings' a week.

get a hold of the book "Defineing Your Own Sucess" by Dianna West.

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I'm in Louisville too.

I go to this LLL meeting sometimes and the people there seem to be friendly and helpful.
Congrats on your pregnancy! PM me if I can be helpful in any way, or go with you to a meeting so you'll know someone.
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