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BFing and about to give birth....????

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I am still nursing my 15 month old and have not dried up at all. Actually I still leak if she doesn't nurse before bedtime.
My question is will my milk turn back into colostrum when the baby comes?

Any advice on how my 15 mth old will take that?

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Your milk will turn back into colostrum, I'm surprised it hasn't already. I think colostrum is less sweet than breastmilk, so your 15 mo. old might not like it, but it only lasts a couple days before your milk comes in. She might love it, though, I think it's just based on how she likes the taste. Congrats on making it through pregnancy! I'm only 10 weeks along, nursing my 28 month old, and my milk has dried up already (doesn't stop him any, though). I'm sure we'll make it all the way, but it's been rough so far.
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